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Spotsylvania, Virginia
United States


2009 Chevrolet Impala ss


1993 Ford Escort GT

“Daily Driver”

Photo of: 2009 Chevrolet Impala
Photo of: 1993 Ford Escort

Head to Head


About “09impala”

Bought this car with 3600 miles on it. My wife drives it everyday to drive the kids around. Great car. Wife is very happy with it. average 34 mpg.

About “Daily Driver”

Simple but swift Daily Driver. It's not the ultimate daily driver, but it is a pretty good compromise. It gets decent gas mileage (the final drive is 4.11:1) though. I can get 35 mpg on the highway at 67 mph. If it had decent highway gears I would probably see 40+ mpg. The nice thing about it is if I am running late, it is a nice car to drive quickly but safely. For those of you who don't know, the Escort GT engine is actually made by Mazda not Ford and essentially shares the same engine with the Miata and protege LX. It has a pretty decent (for it's time) HP to weight ratio. The pistons are low compression (8.8:1) which make it ideal for turbocharging. I decided not to do that and leave that task for the Galant VR-4. I prefer AWD and RWD for off the line performance personally. The color is also a rare 1993 only Bimini Blue color. The car is in pretty good shape for it's age. The interior is like new and so is most of the exterior with the exception of a little bit of rust above the wheels on the quarter. The timing belt is non-interference so if it snaps I won't bend valves which is important because this car now sees 130 mile per day round trip commutes which I hope will end soon! The Mazda MX-3 Recaro seats support the back seat nicely and bolt right in but are a little bit low. Compression on the motor is like new!


Specs for “09impala”

all factory

Specs for “Daily Driver”

127 HP, 1.8 DOHC, 0-60 est 8.1, 1/4 est 16.4, top speed est 125-130


Factory Options for “09impala”

Boses radio
full power seats
sun roof
heated seats
cooled seats

Factory Options for “Daily Driver”

Power Moonroof and most other standard stuff.


Mods for “09impala”

NO mods.

Mods for “Daily Driver”

Ebay air cleaner, 0w-20 Mobil 1 with Probe GT oil filter, Mazda MX-3 Recaro seats, magnetic oil drain plug, slightly taller tires for better fuel economy, Moog Swaybar end links, Miata Chrome Valve Cover Bolts, Timing 14 degrees on 87 octane, Gatorback Belts


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