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Car Clubs

Why Your Club Should Be On Motortopia

Motortopia has exactly what your car club needs to bring members together on the Web.

On Motortopia your members can interact with one another and keep up-to-date on news and club events. And, since Motortopia is the place where motor enthusiasts hang out, it’s ideal for finding and inviting new members.

We’ve taken the best of everything and built it into one powerful tool that’s FREE and easy to use.

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Sam Malone from the Nebraska Thundercats Car Club talks about how Motortopia has benefitted his club. (Requires Flash)

Why should my club join Motortopia?

  • Motortopia is free for all car clubs
  • Increased and timely communication of club news, information, and events with club members.
  • Better member to member communication
  • Recruit new members. Invite other Motortopia members to join your club. Young people organize their lives online; so your club needs to be online with a powerful online site. Motortopia is the place!
  • Easy transition to new officers. Club rosters, dues payment information, old news and newsletters, club photos, and much more are all in one place. No files to lose.
  • Promote club events to other car enthusiasts in your area and across the nation and world
  • Easy-to-use and powerful
  • Club history and archive in one place; always accessible to you and your club members

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Word off the street...

I want to start off with a huge thank you to They have helped us immensely with everything from recruiting, and events, to news updates. The site itself is awesome and easy to use, but I really like the fact that you can e-mail everyone that is a member of your group through Motortopia. has the full support of Monte Millennium Generations; and personally, I will definitely be spreading the word!

I am the Founder/President of Stormin‘ Stangs of Connecticut. We are based out of CT but have members in surrounding states. We are coming into our 3rd year and are growing daily. After finding out about, I thought it was a cool place for ALL types of Enthusiasts from cars to planes. Our SSC members will be able to go through the roster to get in touch with any of the members & there’s a PayPal feature for collecting dues. Adam & Chris were right there to help with all my questions. I appreciate all that has and will have to offer in the years to come.

"I appreciate all that has and will have to offer in the years to come..."

Our club page is going excellent for us, I am in the process of getting everyone else loaded up in the system, but everyone in the club loves the set up. I would like to thank Adam for all the help and information he has given in this process.