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6237 round oak lane
Jacksonville, Florida 32277


  • Bad influence, founder

Est. 2007

Members: 8



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About Group

We are located in Jacksonville, Florida With chapters in NY,CT and CA

We are a group of friends that love cars and having fun

We are open to newcomers 18 and older with all different types of vehicles.

Membership Requirements: Potentials Agreement

All potentials will have a 60 probation period. After your 60 days you will go up for review with the founders. Founders will talk between themselves and you will be given a call to set up a day to meet. The founders will sit down with you and discuss their concerns if any, and give you a chance to explain if needed. After that they will give you their decision. If accepted, you will be informed about your sticker. Thank you for your interest in Bad Influence Kustomz.

club rules
1. Must be 18 years old or older.

2. Members and Potentials must attend all club meetings with
certain exceptions.

3. Meetings are held once a month sometimes twice.

4. Members and Potentials will not disrespect other members,
their ride or another club or their rides.

5. Club dues are as stated in the financial agreement.

6. If given a task by a founder it needs to be done by it's dead

7. Any complaints or concerns must be in writing and given to
Jen, our Public Relations person (doesn't matter who or what
it's about even if it has to do with the founders).

8. Members need to help each other, not everyone knows about

9. Club participation is required by all members and potentials.

10. If you can not make a meeting you must call a founder.

11. Remember you are a representation of this club at all times.

12. Arrogance and Ignorance will not be tolerated.

13. Open to all makes of cars, trucks, or bikes.

14. All rules are subject to change.


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