Topic: Big Event Rally 17th June 2007

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    Jun 19, 2007 at 1:56 pm
    Pos | Driver ........ | Navigator ..... | Car ... | F | M
    1 . | Dean Hogarth .. | James Purkiss . | Polo .. | 0 | 6
    2 . | Niall Oswald .. | Chris Harper .. | Focus . | 2 | 18
    3 . | Becky Smith ... | Ben Organ ..... | 200SX . | 2 | 23
    4 . | Chris Higgins . | Lara Appleby .. | Clio .. | Retired
    5 . | Carl Sheen .... | Lauren King ... | CRX ... | Retired

    The very first item on the Big Agenda was meeting in a pub to watch the US GP. Unfortunately the pub's TV was broken so we relocated to Simon's house to watch Lewis Hamilton, a former BUMC member*, take the chequered flag. Then it was up to the Downs for the first of 4 (I think) BBQs enjoyed over the following 24 hours. There was a comedy moment when we spotted 4 chavs in tracksuits attempting their own autotest a hundred yards away, only for their car to break and require pushing to the side of the road!

    Soon the burgers had all been eaten so we set off along the M4 for the start. Darkness fell and so did rain as we set off for the first of eight stages, covering 106 miles of Wiltshire back roads. The stages began smoothly, although an enormous pile of stones had appeared in the lay-by at TC2 since the rally was set! Sadly, on the 3rd stage the Honda CRX of Carl and Lauren developed a clutch problem so they decided to go home, followed by the Clio of Higgins and Lara the next stage due to tiredness. Keen to get to the end of the rally, where some of the best roads awaited, we endeavoured for swift turnarounds at checkpoints, although we still decided to stop due to the light after the 7th stage.

    The victors were Dean and James who put in a virtually faultless performance to finish with 0 fails and just 6 marks, one of the best finishing stats in memory. The two remaining cars were closely matched, both missing 2 boards, but the "Presidents" team of Niall and Chris scored 18 marks, to Becky and Ben's 23 (nonetheless an impressive performance for the novice navigator).

    It was well and truly light when we finished, and headed back along the M4 tired and happy. I'm so glad this went well, and my thanks to everyone who came, as well as to Matt for helping me marshal. Hopefully we can explore further some of these roads next year.

    *may not be entirely true


    "Aerodynamics are for people who can't build engines" - Enzo Ferrari

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    Jun 19, 2007 at 2:09 pm
    One other notable highlight of the event was being boxed into the TC4 layby by two police cars, one of which had driven past 10 minutes earlier and had thought "we might be having a rave or something". It must have been number of the hi-viz jackets! wink image

    Fair play to them though, I told them what we were doing and they just said it sounded like fun, wished us luck and then left us to it. Top marks to the Wiltshire Constabulary.


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