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Camaros Inc

P.O. Box 80055
Lincoln, Nebraska 68501


  • David Nagengast, Newsletter Editor
  • 402-467-1749

Est. 1991

Members: 25



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Activities Director View more information Barrett, Kim
President View more information Callender, Dan
Treasurer View more information Kaiser, Erich
Website Editor View more information Nagengast, David
Vice President View more information Nagengast, Mark

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Camaros Inc January 2008 Newsletter
Uploaded: Jan 21, 2008
Camaros Inc January 2008 Newsletter
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Camaros Inc December 2007 Newsletter
Uploaded: Dec 29, 2007
Camaros Inc December 2007 Newsletter
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Camaros Inc November 2007 Newsletter
Uploaded: Nov 15, 2007
Camaros Inc November 2007 Newsletter

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Camaros Inc Membership Form
Uploaded: Apr 8, 2007
Come and Join a club of Camaro Enthusists by filling out the membership application and paying your dues. One payment of $20.00 per year. We are always welcoming new members.

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About Group

Established in 1991, Camaros Inc. was started by a handful of local Camaro enthusiasts. Many are still members today.

What makes our club different (and most would say "better") is that its membership does not require the ownership of a Camaro - just simply the love of the car. In addition, members who also participate in other clubs say that this club is much more relaxed and less political than other local clubs.

With that in mind, we don't just sit around and talk about Camaros every month. We participate in a number of regular events each year, including an annual picnic and holiday party. But the most important thing we do is help others. In 2004, we managed to pull together a show'n shine at a local restaurant and raised money for a nearby small town that was nearly wiped out by tornados.

That's what being in our club is all about: cars, great company, and doing good for others.

Membership Requirements: Must be a car enthusiast and pay yearly dues.


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