Carlina Classics & Street- Rod Association


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Carlina Classics & Street- Rod Association

PO Box 5522
Greenville, South Carolina 29606


  • richard starr, Founder

Est. 2006

Members: 225



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About Group

One of the largest vehicles clubs in the south carolina with over 225 members. Mosyt of our vehicles are classic's, Street-Rods, and custom specials.

Membership Requirements: Carolina Classics & Street-Rods Association.
Membership Registration Form.Name___________________________________________________ All info must be complete in print or type.Address_________________________________________________City ________________________________State______________________Home Phone _(___)__________________Work _(___)_________________Email_________________________________________________________If you do not have email address use one from work, family, or friend so we can contact you for events. Identify your vehicle.Make________________ Year _______Other _____________________________________________Make ________________Year _______ Other ____________________________________________No membership dues to join Carolina Classics & Street-Rod Association. Membership is lifetime. All members can participate in all events hosted by C.C.S.R.A. Type of events for members of Carolina Classic’s and Street-rod Association. Cruise-ins, Charity Events, Car Shows, and more. Vehicle Rules All American Vintages, Classic, Street-Rods plus lade models vehicles with modification and or American Special Interest vehicles that's Custom Street-Rods vehicles are welcome. Also vehicle that are factor specials and more. All Corvettes, Vipers, special Mustangs GT and Cobras, foreign exotics, like Porsche and more. Also British, and German classic vehicles welcome. We do want your vehicle to attend cruise-in, but remembers Vintage, Classic, Street-Rods and special interest vehicle get parking priories. If ask to park your vehicle in a location outside of classic & street-rods location please be considerate. Most people come to see the older vehicles and street-rods. DisclaimersAs a participate of this vehicle Association know as Carolina Classic’s and Street-Rod Association I take sole responsibility for my action at all times. I do not hold promoters, sponsors or any other persons of the events liable for injury or damage to person or property that may occur at events or activities hosted by Carolina Classic’s & Street-Rod Association Sign_______________________________________Date_______________________ Contact info Mail form to Richard Starr P.O.Box 55522 Greenville, SC 29606


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