Centennial Model T Club of Omaha, Nebraska


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Centennial Model T Club of Omaha, Nebraska

10506 Burt Circle
Omaha, Nebraska 68114


  • Kathy Mellor, Secretary
  • (402) 493-4444

Est. 1967

Members: 32



Club Officers: 1 – 5 of 5

Treasurer View more information Benton, Bob
President View more information Engler, John
Vice President View more information Matson, Lee
Secretary View more information Mellor, Kathy [view garage]
Club Historian View more information Skaggs, Don [view garage]

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About Group

The Centennial Model T Club of Omaha, Nebraska was formed by a group of ten men, all interested in Model T Fords. They had one thing in common, and that was, they each owned at least one Model T. The purpose of the Club was to keep the legacy of the Model T alive in the Omaha area. This would be done by each member helping other members with any Model T problems that they would encounter. On the first Monday in January 1967, the Club members held their first meeting at the home of Albert DeSanto. Members elected Mel Alexander as their first president of their newly formed Club. The first Monday of each month was the designated meeting date and it continues to this time. One of the members, Jim Moore, had a drawing of his Model T Roadster, and this was to become part of the logo. The Club’s name, Centennial Model T Club of Omaha, Nebraska was chosen because of the Centennial year of Nebraska. Thus, the logo was established.

The Centennial Model T Club of Omaha, Nebraska is involved in many activities throughout the year. In addition to our monthly meetings, we often meet as a group for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and often just get together for coffee. We have an annual Christmas party. We drive our Model T's to parks or a Club member's home for family picnics. We have a lot of fun driving our Model T's in various parades throughout the city. We've visited hospitals, assisted living centers and nursing homes where those residents can enjoy our Model T Car Show and for some fun and interesting conversation. We are involved in Swap Meets, specifically the Annual Rocky Manginelli Swap Meet in the spring and the Annual Mel Alexander Swap Meet in the fall. We've driven our Model T's on many group tours over the years. In 2007, the Centennial Model T Club celebrates its 40th year and we are looking forward to the events of 2007. Join the Club and join in on the fun.

Membership Requirements: Membership shall be open to owners of Model T Fords and those interested in Model T Fords.

New members are required to complete an Application for membership for approval. A quorum of the current membership shall vote to admit or expel a member.

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