Cornhusker Model A Ford Club


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Cornhusker Model A Ford Club

4231 S. 38th St.
Lincoln, Nebraska 68506


  • Margaret Mays, Motortopia Moderator
  • 402-525-0817

Est. 1962

Members: 83



Club Officers: 1 – 5 of 8

Board Member View more information Best, Darrell
100000S. 56th St
Lincoln, Nebraska 68528
  • 402-423-1594
Secretary View more information Braunsroth, Phyllis
Route 1, Box 327
Lincoln, Nebraska 68523
  • 402-797-3272
Treasurer View more information Buckley, Linda
3300 Crown Point Rd.
Lincoln, Nebraska 68506
  • 402-484-7019/402-416-1332(cell)
Board Member View more information Clark, Oren
4411 Cleveland St.
Lincoln, Nebraska 68504
  • 402-466-3273
President View more information Cook, Jim
3339 S. 40th St.
Lincoln, Nebraska 68506
  • 402-483-1239

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About Group

The Cornhusker chapter of the Model "A" Ford Club of America is a nonprofit organization didicated to automotive enthusiasts interested in the restoration and preservation fo the Model "A" Ford and to assist in the collecting and distributing of new material of general interest to the members.
Club meetings are held the first Saturday of the month at Forth Presbyterian Church at 5200 Francis St. in Lincoln. Meetings start at 7:30 p.m. Occasionally we begin at a different time due to a special activity, such as a pot luck supper. Following the meeting there may be a technical seminar or a presentation on something pertaining to the Model "A" car or fashions.
Club activities include participation in various parades and car shows. Quite popular are car displays at assisted living centers and nursing homes. Our club members attend several car tours throughout the year,including the Central Regional MAFCA Meet.

Membership Requirements: The only requirement for membership is an interest in the Model"A" Ford. Annual dues are $24 for local and $30 for national, which includes a subscription to The Restorer magazine.
Membership in the parent organization, MAFCA, is recommended but not required.


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