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General Discussion (members only)
This forum is for general discussion relating to this group.
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Competition (members only)
This is where anybody can post relevant information on other clubs and groups, their stats, etc. (ESPECIALLY ONES THAT SEEM TO BE A THREAT ... on here OR off of here: motortopia)
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Announcements (members only)
Please pay close attention to Moderator's (and Club Leaders') ANNOUNCEMENTS!!! This is probably one of the most important threads of all! (and keep checking back when there are new posts) THANK YOU! Curt B. (CSI MO Prez)
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Events (members only)
List and Talk about possible or upcoming events! Come on in and show off your IDEAS! .. and let's be Fair!
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This forum thread is open to everyone on Motortopia. This is where we can connect and pray for one another. Please list your prayer requests!
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Videos (members only)
Gotta Cool Video that you want to share with the group! Post the URL here with a short description on what it is!
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Recovery (members only)
This forum will grow as we grow ... bringing in more fresh members that just may share the same experience with some of us, such as myself: the recovery from alcohol or drug abuse.
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Charity (members only)
As we grow, I hope to be able to contribute some of our income (Yes, I said, "income" in the future) to charities we feel passionate about. Please discuss charities here (ones that you feel kindly and passionate about as well as ones that you don't and some that you have to be aware of.)
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Who Are You? (members only)
Please state "who you are" with a brief description of yourself and your garage. Thanx to RMR for this idea!
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What would you like to see? (members only)
What would you like to see us accomplish this year? next year? 10 years down the road? Where do you see CSI Missouri years from now? Are you still with it? Where do see yourself?
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"I Lift Your Name On High" (members only)
Here is where we can just open up to God and our fellow members, and Praise the Lord! Tell us, and Mainly HIM what you are grateful for today! Share with us YOUR MIRACLE!
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CSI's Competition LINKS (members only)
Here is where you may post links to your currently-active Competitions, so we may access them easier and vote on them. (Thanx goes to RMR for this idea)
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Reference (members only)
This is a Locked Forum (just like the announcements). Please check this one "when you need to". HERE, things like "rules & regs", etc. will be published so you can access them "when you need to".
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Here is where we discuss THE WORD! If you have any Bible scriptures that you wish to share, please post them here and discuss these scriptures with one another, so that we may "begin" to Know the Truth!
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