DraggingSlab Truck & Car Club


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DraggingSlab Truck & Car Club

Loop 323
Tyler, Texas 75670


  • Brad D, President/Owner
  • 903-534-8476

Est. 2004

Members: 2



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Club Rules
Uploaded: Jun 28, 2009
our club rules are here to keep us respectful to each other, other clubs & shows and to show you how you can get back from what ya put in.

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Started Over
We are a new club in the east texas area, we have 2 members, we are looking for new members & new chapters to start else were, however i am not new to the car show & club scene, i have been competing & been part of another club for 7 years. What we offer, is friendship, knowledge, help, sponsor discounts, family oriented as well - barbqs, going to the lake etc., also going to compete at other events, and 3 annual shows of our own 1 which is on the rise to be very big , the other is our christmas fundraiser, and our Back to School Show & Tell, also we just have fun & talk about cars & some of us guys have paintball day at a friends house in the woods, so if you can handle stuff like that or can offer that to people in another area as a seperate chaper then holla at me.There is plent of ways for you to make money as well.

Club Dues will be $50 for the year $30 for sticker, we will provide you your shirts

Membership Requirements: Download rules page for club requirements


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