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18021 - 150th Avenue East
Orting, Washington 98360


  • Rick Jorgensen, Founder
  • 360 893-4227

Est. 1998

Members: 200



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Golden Era Automobile Association is an auto club that “celebrates” those special motor vehicles built between the years 1915 and 1942. It is delightful to gather and tour with vehicles all made at a time when 35 to 45 miles per hour was indeed the normal speed of travel. Tours are planned to hiways and byways designed for those speeds. And, your Apperson or Velie or Overland or Hupmobile won’t just be a curiosity parked all by itself in the garage.
This is a “FUN” club. Good People and Great Cars can make for a delightful gathering. Where the simple Model “T” Ford, Chevrolet “Four” and Essex “Super Six” are as admired as the Cadillac, Packard and Deusenburg. All of these makes, regardless of cost, were individually and collectively, a vital part of the American Motor Industry and of the Passing American Scene. These vehicles put wheels on America and Americans!

Membership Requirements: The GEAA Goal
1. Have a goal of driving and preserving as nearly original as possible, all types of Veteran Automobiles, Motor Trucks and Motorcycles of the years 1915-1942. Using these vehicles as examples of Automotive Engineering for Educational Purposes
2. Encourage others, both novice and experienced collectors, to take pride in their Automobiles, Motor Trucks and Motorcycles and to enjoy the shared experience of owning and driving their Vintage Vehicles.
3. Encourage interaction with Museums, other Early Automobile, Motor Truck and Motorcycle Organizations
4. Membership is open to any person who agrees with the object of the organization.
2. Annual membership dues shall be for twelve months and are payable in advance on or before the anniversary of the membership application. Those who have not paid their dues by the fourteenth month shall be automatically dropped from the Association.


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