Golden State Corvettes

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Golden State Corvettes

PO Box 729
Byron, California 94514


  • Phil Warner, President

Est. 1997

Members: 65



Club Officers: 1 – 2 of 2

Vice-President View more information Merrell, Bob
Stockton, California 95210
President View more information Warner, Phil
PO box 729
Byron, California 94514

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GSC newsletter for June, 2008

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About Group

The Golden State Corvette Club
was formed in 1997. Our members are from
all parts of the state (Calif.). Therefore the name GSC.
We encourage the pleasure of owning America's
true sport car, the Corvette.

We enjoy the enthusiasm of group social
gatherings, car shows, overnight runs,
gimmick rally's, brunch runs, auto cross,
and much more. We also instill safe driving
habits and group support.

If you have an interest, own a Corvette, and
are over 21 give us a call and come to a
monthly meeting.

New members are always Welcome!


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