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Illiana Hummer Club

8958 W 89th Ave
Saint John, Indiana 46373


  • Mark Price, Founder - IHC / Director - Hummer Emergency Response Team (HERT)
  • (219) 712-3169

Est. 2000

Members: 110



Club Officers: 1 – 4 of 4

Secretary / Dep. Director - HERT View more information Brown, Greg
Valparaiso, Indiana
President / Member - HERT View more information Eason, Mike
Schererville, Indiana
Vice President / Dep. Director - View more information Mullin, Sam
Lombard, Illinois
Founder - IHC / Director - HERT View more information Price, Mark [view garage]
Saint John, Indiana 46373
  • 219-712-3169

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About Group

Mission Statement
"The Illiana Hummer Club is non-profit organization dedicated to promoting happier experiences to children with handicaps and disadvantages as well as providing disaster transportation/services to local emergency and law enforcement agencies. This is accomplished through the use of our Hummer vehicles (Military Humvee, H1, H2, & H3) in a high quality, controlled, and family oriented environment. By teaming up with local organizations and other non-profit groups, the Illiana Hummer Club provides opportunities for children, families, and communities that may have otherwise been unattainable."

We participate and plan events from local parades, car shows, and charity events to weekend off-roading at the "Badlands" in Attica, IN and national off-roading events around the United States. I.H.C. members are located from Chicago, IL to South Bend, IN and everywhere in between.

How it all started …
The Illiana Hummer Club started out as a few local Hummer owners that would get together on weekends for dinner or an off-roading trip to the Attica, IN "Badlands". As time went by, the small group of friends grew, so we got organized and became a club. The I.H.C. started doing regular events from parades, car shows, fundraisers, and charity events to local and national off-roading events.

The I.H.C. has a growing number members in both Illinois and Indiana. With the introduction of the H2 in 2002 and most recently the H3, the I.H.C. membership has grown quite fast and this has led to many new and interesting relationships which has made our event schedule for the year quite busy and much more diverse. We had a full schedule of events for 2006 and look forward to a very productive year in 20076. Also, we are working with a few other non-profit organizations to raise money and awareness to benefit local children and camps.

Be sure to check our "Outings and Events" page for all of our outings and functions via our website.

Membership Requirements: MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION

The membership benefits with the Illiana Hummer Club include many perks and privileges throughout N.W. Indiana and the Chicagoland area. From dinner/social events to local and national off-roading events, our Hummer activities are conducted under a set of standard operating procedures with an emphasis on high quality, controlled, family oriented environment.

To be considered for membership, applicants must meet the qualifications for membership, have their membership application approved by the membership board, and make timely payments of all dues and event fees. Other requirements include …
· Owner (or co-owner) of a Hummer vehicle (Humvee, Hummer H1, H2, or H3)
· Participation in at least 3 club events per year
· All dues and fees paid in a timely manner
· Operation of vehicle responsibly at ALL events
· Following procedures and instructions by event staff at all IHC functions

Each member must pay (within the timeframe specified and under the conditions set forth by the membership board) all dues, event fees, and assessments in amounts fixed by the membership board. The dues, fees, and assessments shall be equal for all members.

· IHC shirt
· IHC vehicle stickers
· Club discounts on parts and service
· Full color membership cards
· Member username and password
· Event calendar linked locally, regionally, and nationally
· Event reminder e-mails
· Personal profile with photo attachment
· Member & sponsor directory
· Photo gallery with event pictures

** Any member that fails to obey rules and directions at ANY public or private event while under the direction of I.H.C. event staff or failure to keep membership current with dues requirements will immediately be sent for review by the membership board.


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