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Orange Grove, Texas 78372


  • steven canelo jr, Vice president,secratory
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Est. 2008

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Me and younger brother have started our own car club for lowriders about 2 years now.We still in the process of bulding our own cars his is a 2 door Caddy on 13's with a two pump in the trunk set up.As for my self I have a 86 Silverado thats in the works with a new moter from another truck,future plans include a complet frame off and 4 pumps. Two for the truck for FBSS and the other two for a diamond tilt bed.

Membership Requirements: We are looking for guys or girls that have a passion for thier cars as they do for thier families,by that I meen that no matter what they take care of thier cars.We would also like to find individuals that have come from low-income homes but did thier best to better them selves and thier own familis thats why we call ourselves Low Class so we never forget where we came from and really grateful for what we have acomplished with our selves.As for the types of cars we really havent got anything we wont turn down yetlike i said we just starting out.If anyone is truly intrested call me at (361)207=8054


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