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Norwich, Norfolk nr78nu


  • Eamonn Fountain, Admin

Est. 2005

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About Group

Rebel V8 is a website run by and for enthusiasts of American vehicles.
We laugh, joke, help and generally take the piss out of each other as often as possible.

Here's what we do

We are not a club, in fact, we are a non club but we do get together at various shows, meetings and races and have a great time.
You can come and join in whenever you want.

We are open to all makes and models and really don't care what you drive.
Do expect us to take the piss though. Don't worry, it's all harmless.

After 50 posts, we will have got to know you as a regular user and we will let you into the more "adult themed" rooms.

Here's what you can't do

Rebel has little moderation and few rules. here are the ones you need to pay attention to.

1. No posting illegal images.

You know what we mean. Fans of Gary Glitter and Chris Langham need to stay away.

2. No planning illegal activities via the forums on Rebel.

Please discuss your drug deals and bank heists elsewhere.

3. Do not physically threaten each other.

If you really need to do that, PM each other your phone numbers or email and do it there.

4. Language.

There's not much moderation on Rebel but please don't get too carried away. If you need a really good effing and blinding session, please take it to one of the adult rooms.

5. Racism

Rebel is probably the most politically incorrect forum out there.
BUT, we will not tolerate overt racism on here. Jokes are fine. Rants about illegal immigrants are fine. Calling names is not.
Rebel is for everyone.

6. Please do not run your business from Rebel V8.

We have forum sponsorship available if you wish to promote your business here. Please contact one of the Admin Team for more information.

That's about it unless we change our minds

Join up and join the fun.

Membership Requirements: Sense if Humour


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