Southern Creations


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Southern Creations

118 Aledo Grove Ct.
Fort Worth, Texas 76126


  • Sean Hendricks, President

Est. 2004

Members: 12



Club Officers: 1 – 2 of 2

Prospect Recruiter View more information Kimmell, Matt [view garage]
Vice President View more information Varela, Chris [view garage]

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About Group

Southern Creations has been cruising the DFW area since late 2004. We are a tight group that loves working on our trucks all day, everyday. We don't require any club dues, we just ask that everyone have fun and not to be an ass.

Membership Requirements: To join you must meet our requirements:

Must Own a Truck or SUV
Altered Suspension (-2 or +2 inches)
2 or More Body Mods
Truck Must Have Clean Paint
Truck Must Be Show Worthy
Primered or Underconstruction Vehicles Will Be Discussed
Prospects Must Receive 2/3's Vote
Club Members Must Have Club Logo On Back Window
Club Members Should Attend Monthly Meetings. (We understand if you have family or work)

All Prospects Will Be Voted in By Verteran Club Members.


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