Tidewater Corvette Club


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Tidewater Corvette Club

P.O. Box 9506
Hampton, Virginia 23670


  • Tee Mundy, president

Est. 2007

Members: 25



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About Group

The Tidewater Corvette Club was founded
in July 2007, by a group of 9 Corvette
owners. The members include businessmen,
teachers, healthcare providers, engineers
and numerous other professions that have
one thing in common; the love of the
Corvette. The seven cities in the Hampton
Roads area are represented in the club

The Tidewater Corvette Clubs main
purpose is to promote goodwill and
harmony in the local communities. Monies
raised through fund raising events such as
car expos and social gatherings, will be
donated to various charities. The Donations
Committee will select various charitable
organizations every year that need support
and funding.

Our goal is to give back to the community
not only financially but also by motivating
our young people to be focused on positive
goals and achievements. In our efforts, we
will encourage other Corvette owners to
gather to exchange ideas, general and
technical information as it relates to this
“ALL AMERICAN” classic automobile.
We hope that our pride of ownership will
inspire the youth of our communities to
work hard, be determined, and pursue their

Membership Requirements: is limited to adults, age 18 and over, who either own a Corvette or have a demonstrated enthusiasm for the Corvette and who have met other qualifications for membership as required by the Club By-Laws and have paid such dues and/or fees as required.


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