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Twisted Khaos

7200 Wadsworth Blvd.
Arvada, Colorado 80211


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Est. 2001

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We are Twisted Khaos. Twisted Khaos (TK) is one of the newest and most elite car clubs in The Rocky Mountain Region. Twisted Khaos originally began in 2002 as Night Riderz in New Mexico, when a group of car enthusiasts decided to start a car club. After a few years, Night Riderz started to die down and soon came to an end. Many members moved to Colorado and Utah... Four years later, the rebirth of Night Riderz has come to Colorado and was renamed TWISTED KHAOS. We are Twisted Khaos, local to the Colorado scene, we consist of all makes of cars. Twisted Khaos is more than a car club or a race crew and more like a family. We have a very diverse club with members of different ethnic backgrounds, automotive backgrounds, and they come from all over to be apart of our club. We have set rules and regulations that were created to help keep our members happy and our club organized. We are a close group of friends and all of our new members seem to fit right into the group and always feel welcomed from the first meeting they attend. We do not discriminate anyone interested in joining, altough we do make sure we aren't recruiting the wrong people. We accept most years, makes, and models as well as cars, trucks, and bikes. We also go beyond the normal selection process by not only looking at the cars but the drivers as well. We look for new members with good attitudes and those who want to have fun as well as to advance to higher levels and that will be commited and loyal. We are always looking to open chapters in other states to further expand our influence. Right now we aren't as big as we once were, but we are looking for new members. Send us a message if you are interested and we'll get back at you. We don't have all our team members on here yet, but hopefully we will soon.

Membership Requirements: We would like for you to come out with us to our GTGs, meet all the other members, and from there we can go on to signing new members up...


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