Topic: 95 ta freak of nature or hidden mods?

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    Mar 29, 2012 at 9:45 pm
    A few months ago my fiance got a 95 ws6 ta to keep the miles off of her thirdgen. This thing is not as tame as it should be. Its not the first ws6 car I've been in they are typically quick but this is appears to be the stock motor but the gaskets suggest that it has been apart. I timed the 0-60 a few times and I'm no pro driver. I got times from 4.8 to 5.6 at around 60° f on Goodyear f1s just put some 275 continentals on and they stick way better havent timed it yet though. Its an lt1 4L60E car and my experience is that they should be in the 5.5-6.5 range.
    Today leaving work I had a run in with a new 6.2 camaro I had him by a full length in just under an eigth of a mile. What really confused me was that not only did I beat him, but the race went opposite of how it should have. He had me off the line where I was sure my gen2sbc torque would stomp the ls motor, and then to mine (and his) surprise I pulled away and passed him.

    This car runs colder than it should and idles kind of choppy, and gets pissy on anything but premium.
    Only known mod is flowmaster 80 series system. And vette rims with big tires.
    I've heard of factory flukes that scream but this seems severe for that.
    Any idea what could be causing this little bird to rev so high so easy and pull away from a 2012 camaro?
    Also the MPG is not what it should be.
    I'm not complaining just would like to know if I could be dealing with common mods that are invisible


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