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    Aug 21, 2010 at 9:25 pm
    AMSOIL the leader in automotive synthetic lubrication, produced the world’s
    first API-qualified synthetic motor oil in 1972.

    AMSOIL Signature Series 0W-30 is premium-grade synthetic motor oil
    that exceeds requirements of modern, high-performance engines and older
    engines. It replaces other 0W-30, 5W-30 and 10W-30 motor oils and
    outperforms competitive conventional and synthetic motor oils.

    The Signature Series 0W-30 is designed for those who demand the best
    in motor oil performance and is Amsoils Premium Synthetic Oil. Oil change
    Intervals can also be extended up to 1yr or 25,000 mi under normal conditions.

    My business is MotorSport Oil. I am Certified Amsoil T-1 Dealer – Contact
    Me via cell 262-308-4117 or email:

    My Amsoil Dealer Website:
    For vehicle application, product look-up and ordering.


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