Topic: S197 Mustang Carbign Craft Gauge Bezel Install

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    Sep 17, 2009 at 5:49 pm
    I decided to start upgrading my interior to match the carbon fiber parts I added on the exterior. I decided to go with Carbign Craft due to the fact the they are full carbon fiber replacement parts versus carbon fiber overlays like most other carbon fiber interior kits out there. The part was well packaged and the instructions were strait forward. The install took only about a half hour to complete. Overall the piece fits in nicely and all the mounting points are perfectly aligned which make for snug fit and a great finish. I can't wait to get the remaining interior pieces to complete the look.

    Tools needed for install:
    Flat Head Screwdriver

    Step 1: Grasp Stock Gauge Bezel and pull strait out, the stock piece should come off with little effort.

    Step 2: Remove the stock air vent bezel by prying the three silver plastic tabs located at the rear of the gauge bezel assembly with a flat head screwdriver. At this point the stock air vent bezel should be able to be separated from the gauge bezel assembly, this will make the tabs you need to access for the next step easier to get to.

    Step 3: Using the flat head screwdriver depress the three tabs retaining the vent assembly inside the vent bezel while pulling the vent assembly away from the bezel. The vent assembly should gradually work it's way out as each tab is depressed.

    Step 4: Using a set of pliers remove the six retaining clips from the from the back of the stock gauge bezel by twisting counter-clockwise.

    Step 5: Reinstall the six retaining clips on the posts on the new gauge bezel by twisting them into place clockwise.

    Step 6: Reinstall the air vent assembly in the new gauge bezel by sliding it into to place until the tabs snap secure.

    Once complete the new Carbign Craft Gauge Bezel is ready to be installed.

    Step 7: Line up bezel and press into place, the bezel should pop into place with little effort.

    Step 8: Enjoy your new carbon fiber!!!


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