Topic: SALE-428 FE. 400 rwhp.Almost ready to run. Many polished alum. parts. $7,000 Takes.

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    Jan 24, 2010 at 10:47 am
    I'm in the process of building an all aluminum 427 side oiler punched to 482 cu. So, I need to sell the 428 FE in my 427 Cobra. On the "Mustang Chassis Dyno", it produced 400 HP. "DynoJet Chassis Dyno", 440 HP.

    I have the build spec sheet and chassis dyno information. It will be sold as a long block (+) minus, the distributor, electronics, thermostat housing (custom made)

    I bought the engine from Carroll Shelby Enterprises in 2001.

    I sanded the block smooth and painted it my body color. You can scuff it down and paint any color you want.

    Stock stroke-.060 over bore.
    Hot Tank Cleaned
    Shot Peened
    Honed & Plate Honed
    Sonic Tested

    Forged Pistons. 103 image1
    Stock Rods & Crank. (machined)
    Balanced Rotating Assembly with Flywheel.
    Vic Jr. FE Intake
    I had Comp Cams grind me a solid flat tappet cam. I have the cam card.
    252/260 @ 0.50
    600 lift.
    110 degree of lobe separation. Very lumpy and a great sounding motor. Click on the you tube link below to hear it.

    I have new chrome 427 Pent Roof valve covers.

    Polished/Ceramic Coated Edelbrock Vic Jr. Intake.
    Polished Intake Breather/Vent.
    Polished Edelbrock FE Water Pump.
    Polished Edelbrock FE Fuel Pump.
    Polished FE Timing Cover.
    Polished Pulleys.
    I may,.... Include The Polished/Ceramic Coated Cobra Air Breather ?
    I may,.....Include The Barry Grant "Mighty Demon" Carb. ?

    The heads are iron and were ported to the max. I'll see if I can find the flow bench numbers. The valve train are HS rollers that are shaft mounted with all new end stands. I rebuilt the engine in 2004. It is very strong running. I have new stainless pipes & muffler and I'm planning on putting the motor back on the dyno to see if my old one's were restrictive so, the HP/TQ numbers may go up, I'll see.

    I have a Tremec 3550 and clutch/flywheel, that could also go with the engine for a decent price. This would be a great combo if your building a cobra or up-grading.

    The engine is very strong running and is great on the street, highway & racing, yet gets 16 mpg highway. Never gets hot. The cam is lumpy, sounds great yet idles well. Chassis dyno tuned.

    It has won 4 engine "Best In Show" Trophy's.

    SELL-$7,000 + shipping. Local pick-up also. The engine is in the car and running. I can take new video if needed. This is nearly a install & run package and priced very well.

    Below are two video's. The first has the old exhaust, the second with the new stainless exhaust. Neither are high rpm, just for fun.

    Feel free to email and call me.

    402-781-2322 (Nebraska, central time. Anytime)

    Thank you,






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