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If your into American Muscle cars, Pony cars, classics, Trucks and/or motorcycles, I mean machines that show what its all about...... Then friend we are here for you!
The idea here is for all us enthusiast to combine together to keep the hobby alive and help each other along. To help one another with the choice, build or rebuild and maintanence of whats apart of American vehicle manufacturing Pride!
We are new and still under construction but it would be great to grow with your help, so come on and join up because the more the merrier!
Doesn't matter what manufacturer your sworn too, doesn't matter if its on four wheels or riding two, and it doesn't matter what State your from or what country for that matter. So come on in, join up, become active and show what this community is all about camaraderie! While your at it and your into F-bodies checkout another group called Firebirdnation and its moderator Bob...........



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