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Many of us were first exposed to the automotive hobby by building car models as kids. As the years went by, scale models usually gave way to "Real" cars... But for a select few of us, the urge to build our dream cars in scale still survives. This group is for us: The motorheads who take our dreams and make them realities - in a smaller size! The "Automobile Modelers of Motortopia" group is for model builders. To us, a car model is something we build ourselves, not something you take out of a box and put on a shelf. Diecast models have their place in the scale model hobby, but to builders the pleasure comes more from the act of creating the model than from displaying it. We know that the car on that shelf is our own unique creation. A diecast model may be from a Limited Edition of, say, 5,000 pieces, but our creations are from a Limited Edition of ONE!


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