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    Sep 2, 2008 at 2:00 pm
    Originally posted by orange82  smile image My first car was a 62 Mercury Comet, it had a 6 cyl. in it when I bought it, burned oil big time, I didn't care, it was my 1st car, I put chrome wheels on it and redid the interior, then when my brother parked his Mercury Meteior, cause it was rusting apart, I took his 289 Cobra engine out and put it in my Comet, man did that car come alive, only problem, it kept breaking leaf springs right and left, I could not afford traction bars, so when I would race someone, we would do a 10 mph kickdown, then it would be strong enough to hold, man I beat 302 Boss Mustangs, Z28s and about everything else that would want to race, well good things have to come to an end, one time we were racing, going about 80 or so, when a German Shepard dog ran out in front of me and of course I served to miss him and wrecked and totaled the car. I was beat up pretty bad and remember laying on the side of the road, when that damm dog came to me and started licking my face, I could not believe it, then he ran off into the woods. I never got a picture of that car, back then you didn't take many pictures like we do today. But I sure miss it. Rick.

    My first car was a 3 year old 68' pale metallic green Mustang. I had it 6 years after I was married and then we bought a 75' Dodge Dart Sport when the kids started coming along....not that that car was much bigger. lol

    Hubby always told me I would get another car and a year ago this past July he surprised me with my 71' Chevelle. Our 20 yr. old son has a 69' Camaro for his first. My hubby had a 63' Valiant and then a 65' Dodge Dart when I met him for his.


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    Oct 24, 2008 at 4:39 pm
    I feel so deprived and or depraved after reading some of the KILLER cars people had for their first rides... I could make up a really cool story, but NO!

    Truth is, my first car was a pile!!! It was a 1972 Toyota Corona 4 door automatic with NO reverse!!! It was from the Oregon coast and had gaping holes in the hood to proove it!!! Had to always park that thing with the nose uphill so I could roll back, otherwise it took 4 dudes to push!!! The rear end locked up and seized up in the middle of a 4-way stop intersection in front of a body shop. Noise was so excruciating and loud that a body shop guy dragged a floor jack out in the middle of the street, we jacked it up on the rear pumpkin and rolled it out of the way by the jack. Put in a rear end, drove it for another year. Got hit in the ass end, collected $750. Later sold it for $400 cash. I bought the car for $350... It was a complete pile of crap. I loved that car and the freedom it brought me. It was mine. I drove it like a badge of honor. MADE money on it, go figure!!!

    Year later got a letter from the Colorado State Po-Po telling me to come and get my POS abandoned Toyota off their highway... Ha ha!!! The losers never titled the car and left it in my name!!! To this day, when I sell a car, I pull the plates off. If the buyer asks, I tell them I have vanity plates and they stay with me. That way no one drives on my registration after it is sold, no way, no how. No plates gets the Po-Po's attention real quick!!!


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    Feb 24, 2009 at 3:51 am
    My first car is my 1989 Chevy Caprice. I was all excited about getting my license, and a month before my 16th birthday, I still hadn't found a car to drive yet. I really wanted a pickup, but they were proving to be either complete piles of junk, or they were more than I could afford.

    One day w/the family at the beach for a little summer sun-n-fun, my dad said that one of my uncles knew someone who had a nice Chevy Caprice with really low miles. At first, I couldn't stand the thought of driving "Grandma's" car, and said there wasn't any way in hell I was going to drive that thing... but the more I thought about it, and the more of them I saw, the more I liked them, until one weekend, we found ourselves in Detroit looking at it when we visited my Grandma.

    A week later, I was back, getting the keys to my like-new, 33400 mile Chevy Caprice, for $1800. Now, 6 years and probably close to $8000 later, the wheezing 305 is gone, replaced by a healther 355, a TH350 in place of the 200-4r, and a nice 8.5" 10 bolt out back w/some good 3.73 gears. Grandma's grocery getter looks like some sort of cop car on steroids from the distance. Surprises many a Camaro, Mustang, and wanna-be ricers. hyper image


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    Mar 4, 2011 at 3:51 pm
    I could talk about my first car but I would rather go with my first truck and I didn't drive either on the highway. Because I didn't get my license until I was 20yrs old, my sister and best friend drove me everywhere. My first truck is Swampy- 1973 F250 4x4 390 V8 4spd single cab long bed, right now it is multi colored but when we got it from my Uncle it was a faded dark green. I really love that truck and it is a good ranch 4x4 truck.


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