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    Aug 17, 2007 at 9:08 am
    alwaysakid suggested this thread. I read his note about God's "affinity" for hot rods and got interested. A search of my Bible (& a little cheating with Google) found more than we realized. Here is what I have any more to add?

    -- In Daniel He is obviously a hot rodder:

    Daniel 7:9 "...His throne was like the fiery flame, and His wheels as burning fire."

    -- In Jeremiah the Lord drives the children of Israel in His Plymouth Fury:

    "Behold, I will gather them out of all countries, whither I have driven them. . . in my fury, . . ." Jeremiah 32:27

    -- Job leaves in a Pontiac Tempest

    "Terrors take hold on him as waters, a tempest stealeth him away in the night." Job 26:20

    -- In Nahum the Lord has His way in a Geo Storm.

    ". . . the LORD hath his way . . . in the storm, . . ." Nahum 1:3

    -- The walls of Jericho came down when the Dodge Ram's horn was "blast".

    "And it shall come to pass, that when they make a long blast with the ram's horn,. . ." Joshua 6:5

    -- Titus went to the Corinthians in his Honda Accord.

    "For indeed he accepted the exhortation; but being more forward, of his own accord he went unto you." 2 Corinthians 8:17

    -- The Lord sends an American Motors Ambassador to the heathen. Probably not a good car to buy?

    "I have heard a rumour from the LORD, and an ambassador is sent unto the heathen,. . ." Jeremiah 49:14

    -- And there's Saul trying to smite David to the wall with his American Motors Javelin. Ouch! That would hurt.

    "And Saul sought to smite David even to the wall with the javelin; . . ." 1 Samuel 19:10

    -- But by far the most popular automobile is the Dodge Spirit.

    "The hand of the LORD was upon me, and carried me out in the spirit. . ." Ezekiel 37:1

    -- John the Baptist went in Elias's Dodge Spirit:

    "And he shall go before him in the spirit. . . of Elias, . . ." Luke 1:17

    -- I believe Paul needed a little bigger car because he was pressed in the small Dodge Spirit.

    ". . . Paul was pressed in the spirit,. . ." Acts 18:5

    -- Another time Paul was "bound" in the Dodge Spirit. Paul you need a bigger car. . . Maybe an SUV?

    "And now, behold, I go bound in the spirit unto Jerusalem,. . ." Acts 20:22

    -- Finally, Paul gets his SUV. Julius gave him a Jeep Liberty SUV to go see his friends.

    "And the next day we touched at Sidon. And Julius courteously entreated Paul, and gave him liberty to go unto his friends. . ." Acts 27:3

    -- And of course, we need to pray in our Dodge Spirit. (Pray that ol Dodge keeps running).

    "Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit. . ." Ephesians 6:18

    -- And we should worship God in the Dodge Spirit:

    "For we are the circumcision, which worship God in the spirit,. . ." Philippians 3:3

    -- And there's some folks who even live in their Dodge Spirit. I think I've seen a few of those folks on the side of the road.

    ". . . but live according to God in the spirit. . ." 1 Peter 4:6

    -- In Revelation, John was in the Dodge Spirit on the Lord's day:

    "I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day,..." Revelation 1:10

    -- Now I can relate to this next guy. There's a certain man in 1 Kings 22:34 who must have gotten a real lemon. He tried to shoot his Chevy Venture mini-van. (I've had a few cars I'd like to shoot.) I had one that I . . . Oops, better not bring that up.

    "And a certain man drew a bow at a venture,. . ." 1 Kings 22:34

    -- In Hebrews 11:34 tells of those who like their Plymouth Valiant clean and shiny as they "waxed" their Plymouth Valiant: Of course, all that rubbing and waxing "made them strong".

    "Quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, waxed valiant. . . " Hebrews 11:34

    (Most of this was found on the net via a quick Google search.)

    So....what else you got?


    --Confucious say: "When in doubt.....Go faster!"--

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    Sep 5, 2007 at 3:10 pm
    Very nice! Really makes you read with an open mind, huh? idea image


    --Confucious say: "When in doubt.....Go faster!"--

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