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Detail Queen Automotive Detailing & Photography

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  • Kelly Pratt, Owner

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Auto Detailing & Photography by Detail Queen

Car, Truck, Boat, & Bike Detailing
-Hand Wash,hand wax, hand dry, interior vacuum, interior windows washed, air fresherners

-Children,small events, engagement,pregnancy,birthdays,nature, vehicles & more.

Photography & Detailing package now available!!!

About Detail Queen:
I have a strong passion for photography, and I love documenting events, and creating relationships through taking photos.

I look through the lens a little different than your average photographer.

I can do on site photography, for weddings, parties, birthdays..any event where you want your memories captured and a story told by the photos. Consider me to be your Memory catcher. I will catch the memories and you sit back, and enjoy your event and know it will be stored in time with precious photos.

I am willing to take any posed shots you would like, but will also take many candid shots as well. Currently I am offering the photos for free, but I would like to be paid for my time, per/hour including travel time. In return you will get all the photos, including negatives onto a cd, and I will even do some photo editing, cropping, black & white, and Sepia tones.

If you have an event where you would love the memories captured, but aren't so worried about the professionalism, please contact me. I enjoy getting to know families through my photography, and would love to learn more, and gain more experience!!!

I have always had an eye for nice cars which has led to another passion of mine, detailing vehicles. I take pride in what I do, and believe each car has potential (just like each person!), and car maintenance is of great importance if you want to keep that car running and looking good for years to come!

I am a 25 year old mother of 2 beautiful children. My son Rayce is 5 years old, and my daughter Camryn is 8 months old. I am also in the midst of planning a wedding for this Fall with my wonderful fiance Devon.

I enjoy many outdoor activities, including, fishing,camping, hunting, cars, snowmobiling, and of course photography.
I have a strong faith and believe that God has led me into photography & Detailing for a reason, and I love exploring his world and capturing the beauty that he has created.

Please visit my site for more information!

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