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EngineCheckUp is a revolutionary test product for checking the health of your engine!
Just one drop of oil from your engine onto the EngineCheckUp test is all you need to tell whether or not your engine is in good condition!

EngineCheckUp is safe, simple to use, and no tools required!

Your engine must be warm, so ensure that you have been running the engine up to its optimal operating temperature. This can be anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes depending on outside weather conditions. Drop the oil from your dipstick onto the EngineCheckUp test, and within 15 minutes you will start seeing your results!

EngineCheckUp analyzes your oil, and gives you results within minutes!

Generally, a test result can be diagnosed within 15 minutes after putting a drop of oil on the test medium. You'll know if your engine has a major or minor problem, or if its time for an oil and filter change! Using our reference card, you'll easily be able to analyze your results and check the
4 major categries of your engine condition:

Condition of your oil
Water & Coolant


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