Topic: 2012 Mustang v6 outruns a Z350 nissan

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    Mar 15, 2012 at 9:40 am
    Yep... it's true. If you haven't driven a new Mustang v6 lately... well let's just say you might wanna tune up your stock 4.6L 'cause that new 3.7L with 6 speed auto is pretty fassssstttt for a 6. wink image

    I wuz cruising down a four lane parkway yesterday headed into a city in southern MS near the coast (for a work assignment) when all of a sudden I came up on a silver Z who thought he was bad or sick or whatever the word is these days. scratchchin image

    The car in front of me turned right... the truck in front of him turned left and there was a red light 300 ft in front of us'ns! biggrin image Now you folks know I'm just a law abiding citizen whose patriotic duty can't let a datsun get the best of the USA made Mustang... so the light turns green and by the time the stang hit 2nd gear, I was 3-4 links in front of 'im. And although his third gear seemed pretty strong as he closed on my little rental stang just a link, there was no catching the better looking, better riding, better handling 2012 Black 'Stang. lmao image


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