Topic: CFR Re-Opens To a Full-House!

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    Jul 27, 2008 at 12:31 pm
    There were packed grandstands and standing room only when CFR re-opened after all of the floods and torandoes of the summer of '08.
    The pits were also full of racers to give the fans plenty to watch!!
    Nostalgia Top Fuel and Funny Cars along with Arnie 'The Farmer' Beswick were the headliners and there were also Gassers and Jet Cars on hand along with Jack Wyatt's Nitro Funny Car.
    It was a great way to re-open the track!!!
    Now it would have been alot better night if we'd have won out class but my reaction times ranged from KILLER to pathetic and that's no way to run a race...the car's running good and consistent but the driver needs a tune up at this point.


    Glory Days Racing

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