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    Jul 10, 2008 at 10:22 pm

    Cedar Falls Raceway will re-open after major flooding on Saturday, July 26, 2008 with the American Red Cross NIGHT OF FIRE. All proceeds of the event will go to the Iowa Tornado & Flood Relief Fund of The American Red Cross. As part of the promotion, spectators will get free access (admission) on the spectator side of the race track. "We were touched by the flooding ourselves, but not to the level of many people in the region" said Dan Driscoll. "There are also many victims of the tornados and it seems between the two catastrophes many peoples life has been altered" he continued.

    Working with the American Red Cross Hawkeye Chapter the program was put in place. The Hawkeye Chapter will have representatives on hand accepting "free will" donations. Pro racers from all across the Midwest are participating at this event at little of no cost allowing for the opportunity to create funds for the cause as well as put a show on with no admission to the public. In addition to the feature show, a $2,000 to win bracket race will be contested. "We will be posting a full purse" said Promoter Scott Gardner. "However, we will accept any donations back from the sportsman racers to increase the funds to the Red Cross" he mentioned.

    While the final list of professional entries attending the Night of Fire is not complete, below are confirmed supporters of the event:

    Danny Crownhart - Jet Funny Car
    Diamond Jim Crownhart - Jet Funny Car

    Benny "The Human Bomb"

    Lance Van Hauen - Van Hauen Brothers Supercharged Funny Car

    Dale Suhr - Nitro Nostalgia Top Fuel Dragster
    Dan Russell - Nitro Nostalgia Top Fuel Dragster
    Kevin Brewer - Nitro Nostalgia Top Fuel Dragster
    Dragster Dave - Frantic Fueler Nitro Nostalgia Top Fuel Dragster

    Ozark Mountain Super Shifters

    Mike Garlich - Mr's B's Pontiac Vs Blastro Supercharged Van

    Allen Peterson - Top Fuel Harley Motorcycle Vs Bob Kobernese - Top Fuel Harley Motorcycle

    This list will be updated as confirmations get made. MORE NAMES TO COME


    By Scott Gardner

    Having now operated race tracks for more 12 years, I have seen a lot of things transpire. Some good and others not. Gracious champions and sore losers have been seen over the years as well as people that would do almost anything for anyone and others who thought that everyone owes them something. The good thing is that an overwhelming number of racers, crew and fans are positive uplifting people who truly care about each other.

    It seems because of a variety of circumstances the people of Cedar Valley have been hammered and to some degree includes us at Cedar Falls Raceway. After years of little or no management at the track with a revolving door of operators, there are still many who question our sincere approach to operating the facility. In the larger look of things, that doesn't bother me much. I'm confident in our ability at a team to operate CFR and in fact some day put the operation into the black. However, we are more concerned now for the people directly effected by the recent horrific storms that have left so many with little or nothing. We hope in some small way we can improve the lives of people with what we do; operating race tracks including CFR.

    Therefore, we are boldly moving forward with the Red Cross Night of Fire event. Is it the show we originally planned? No, it is not. We are not in the position to present such an event as I also believe most of our potential customers have other more serious priorities to spend money on. Clearly, drag racing or any entertainment venue is not vital to ones survival. Also, it's clear that the opportunity to let people escape reality is also good medicine.

    Cedar Falls Raceway will re-open on Saturday, July 26 with free admission on our spectator side and resume regular operations from that point forward. What we ask of you is simple. Please spread the word about the Red Cross Night of Fire and please support CFR in manner you can. With everyone working on a common cause, the road to recovery will be easier for all.

    Thanks for your consideration and thanks to all the special feature racers who are volunteering to make this happen. We'll see everyone at the Night of Fire!



    The list of features cars continues to grow for the American Red Cross "Night of Fire" on Saturday, July 26 at Cedar Falls Raceway. The Nitro Nostalgia Funny Cars of Doc Halladay (Telstar) and Justin Grant (Don Schumacher's Wonder Wagon) are set to attend. In addition, the Geezer Gasser's are attending as well as the front engine Nitro Nostalgia Dragster of Roger Stanke. This increases the list of professional teams into the dozens.

    Don Schumacher Racing has signed on the presenting sponsor. "Don has a heart of gold when it comes to helping people who are having a tough time" said Public Relations Director Ron Colson.

    The Red Cross "Night of Fire" at Cedar Falls Raceway is a joint effort of CFR and the Red Cross to help the public. Admission on the spectator side of the track will be free with a modest cross into the pits fee (optional) should people desire. Also, event proceeds will go to the Iowa Tornado and Flood Victims Relief Fund. This two level approach was developed to provide free entertainment to those who need an escape from their enviornment as well as create funds for direct relief.


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