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I put out a blog on THIS November 14th regarding the loss of my car to a crook !! He will not answer any messages from my attorney I hired to get the car back let alone he hid the car in a storage facility so nobody I know even knows where it is. He has been holding the car for about 2 years now, I WANT MY CAR BACK !!!! I am not sure how to get it except for paying the unfair ransom of he wants which is $4400. He promised to do the body work for $2300. He then wanted over $12,000 at first. He blew up the engines I built him and now thinks I owe him for them when there is NO WARRANTIES on racing engines. He started doing the body work and I told him if it was going to cost over $2500 I would take the car home before he got started on it. He agreed VERBALLY !! I built the two engines during the time he was supposed to start the body work, To make a long story short PLEASE read my blog !! I have no answers or comments to that blog yet to it so I do not know if it was erased by this site or what.
I came up with an idea if anybody wants to help me out I knowq I am begging but I LOVE THIS CAR !! I have gained lots of recognition across the world with it via the internet and locally through racing the car and car shows. Just read the idea off my blog I did on November 14th.
I will tell you that if I had the money to get it now it would be back in my hands regardless but I have been going through a lot of bad luck !! Divorce, lawyers to get the car back, lawyers for the divorce, bankruptcy due to the divorce, loss of job and only making half of what I used to, and illnesses due to stress of the divorce, bankruptcy, and loss of my car. I have already sold off all the extra parts and cars I could to keep my mortgage and current bills up so I don't have many more options these days !! I know I just should get over it and let the car go but IT IS MY CAR AND HE IS HOLDING IT ILLEGALLY including a transmission I lent him when he blew his up, and tools I let him borrow while he raced his car. He won't give me anything back at all unless I pay the full ransom of $4400. So read the blog and pass this to loyal friends who might understand the meaning of what a particular car could mean to one person !!! I have a lot of blood, sweat, and tears over many years in this car that like I said has gained me recognition over many websites, local car shows, and the drag strip. I earned all of it. It is a rare car too and the odds of finding another one in this condition and with ALL MY PARTS already in it makes it even harder to swallow.
I just wish this could be passed around and the original blog read about my idea. CAN WE HELP SOMEBODY OUT IN NEED in our own country??? Somebody that has been having a bout of really bad luck ??? I would hope so !! So I rest this idea in the hands of ALL fellow enthusiasts.

My name is Mark Francis
1340 Rose Street
Lincoln, NE 68502
(402) 217-4879

If anybody wants to give me ideas or help me with my idea to get my car "LOUIE THE LIZARD" my 1975 Chevy Monza Coupe (green in color) back from the crook of a body shop owner. Please let me know or do as the blog recommends or asks !! I am out of ideas and money to get it back. This is what happens when you trust people you think are good people !! Especially somebody that has everything already. What would he need to prove by keeping the car, parts, and tools or holding it all ransom?? If my attorney says he is doing it illegally then it must be but he won't answer her and she is filing for a REPLEVIN SUIT but nothing as we don't even know where the car is or he won't let anybody see it. It was never even finished either. It was not wet sanded or buffed out which the clear coat is hard as a rock now. I have to do it or pay somebody else to do it. I am losing a $41,000 car over a verbal $2300 agreement. He won't take the $2300 and call it good. He has changed his e-mail address, phone number, and won't take or sign for certified letters. WHAT CAN I DO ??? PLEASE READ THE BLOG AND HELP IF ANYBODY CAN !!! WHAT IF IT WAS YOU, YOUR SAME SITUATION, AND CAR ???
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I want to let all my business people know I am going to try to get this poart time business of mine going hard after the first of the year. I want to become a full time business by the end of next year !! ANYBODY GOT A CAR THEY CANNOT GET A LOCAL SHOP TO WORK ON BECAUSE IT IS TOO OLD?? I will do it. I can work on about anything. Oil changes, tune-ups, electrical troubleshooting, fuel systems, engine overhauls, NITROUS OXIDE installations and tuning, Whatever I can get my hands on. I prefer to work on the older stuff below 1985 but I decided I will tackle any job I can. I just cannot rebuild transmissions but can do everything else and if I cannot do it I have friends that can show me or walk me through it one way or another.

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