Topic: 1996 Mustang Cobra HELP!!!!!

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  • russchessnut’s Profile Photo
    Sep 22, 2012 at 2:09 pm
    I rebuilt My '96 Cobra, It was bored .030 and the crank is .010 & .010 and the heads were rebuilt. The car runs Great but I have a problem with oil in the water system. I have replaced the head gaskets and I have used all new ford bolts mains, rods, cross bolts and head bolts. I am wondewring if the oil cooler could be cracked internally and since the oil pressure is greater then the water it could explain the problem. Have You heard of anything like this happening to anyone else? I have more in this car then I could ever get out of it and the cooler is $410.00.
    I bought the car off My nephew because He was in trouble and was told that it ran and had good oil pressure and that it had a rod knock. Well, that turned out to be false. It had spun 6 out of the 8 rod bearings and the crank was locked up. I paid $4,000 for the car and when I got into it and found out what really happened I had no choice but to do it right as I was going to sell it when done.
    The a/c compressor locked up on Me when I restarted it after the O'haul. I am at the point wqhere I don't know what else to do. It is a nice car and looks like a new one and has 114,200 on the body. Any suggestions would be welcome and I would be willing to entertain any offer of $5,000 or above.
    I can buy a Rousch 1,000 HP engine for $9,900 in Florence, Ky but would it pay Me to do that since all I want to do is sell it?
    Thank You so mauch for any input

    Russ Norris


  • Regul8R’s Profile Photo
    Nov 6, 2012 at 2:34 pm
    It's a crappy old mustang with a bad engine. Part it out and scrap the rest of that POS.


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