Topic: what are challeges and how do they work

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    Sep 24, 2011 at 3:33 pm
    Awww, it's ok. My feelings were hurt, but I'll get over it. But seriously, I don't cheat, and look at all the challenges that are initated by others against me.

    I lose alot, and it's ok. It's all for fun and yes, winning is fun too, but you have lose also.

    I accept your appology wink image

    Now, let's put this aside and move forward!!


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    Sep 24, 2011 at 3:49 pm
    OK grouphug image


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    Sep 24, 2011 at 5:41 pm
    I know SeeYa very well. I dont know about the others but SeeYa is a sweet and beautiful girl, and that's how she won a few months ago. We all know if a pretty girl is in the challanges, she's gonna get a lot of votes.


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    Sep 24, 2011 at 9:03 pm
    SeeYa, I named Gypsy not you, her and her husband, and others that have specifically targeted me, Gypsy's husband even barging that yes they cheat by voting from multiple computers at work and at home.

    I do think CORDOBA440MAN who named you is a good man. Him, I, or you, it doesn't matter, we can all make mistakes in judgment.

    Of my own thought, I like you. CORDOBA440MAN's thought certainly make me concerned, but you have been only cool.


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    Sep 25, 2011 at 3:28 am
    Gee, Thundercat., I hope people don't just vote for me because of my personality...........I rather have a vote for my cars!

    I am VERY proud of my Trans Am, and my other cars.

    I have met a lot of great people here including yourself Thundercat, and truely love your car! We have a lot in common and my dad had the same year cat like yours, but black. It was a beauty and a dream to drive.

    When your proud of something that you worked so hard on for years, or maintain a vehicle, and you see votes coming in for that puts a smile on ones face knowing that someone out there really likes your car.

    Yes, there are cheaters, and haters and some get discouraged by the same winners constantly, especially when they have ridiculous amounts of votes.

    I can tell you, that I have always been in some sort of challenge for the past 2yrs, give aways or not..........I am active on here, but lately, and I don't know if anyone else is having the same issues.......but I can't get on here during certain times of the day.

    Most of you guys/gals are great people here and I have really enjoyed all the friends I have made along the way!! grouphug image


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    Sep 26, 2011 at 2:29 am
    Before we put this aside and move on, did I just really get called out as a cheater?


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    Sep 26, 2011 at 2:37 am
    Is that really what y'all think?


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    Sep 26, 2011 at 9:38 am
    Gambit anyone that wins a lot is going to be accused of cheating, that is always going to be the case.

    Here I see you thrown in with Gipsy and her group of Haters / Cheaters. And I saw that long before I first talked to you, but I indeed like making my own decisions. We have talked a lot in eMails and I would certainly say you are a Good Person.

    However, if someone else cheats and you reap the benefits, it is going to look like you cheat.

    And Technically if we vote for the person instead of for the car, we are cheating. Thus the old "you scratch my back, I scratch yours" is certainly outside of the intent of these contests.

    Performance, which car would win in a race? 1 point
    Style, which car would win in a Car Show? 1 point
    Overall, which car do you like the best? 3 points

    That is all about the car, not the person, and most of us can't afford to spend the money to make our car a show car, and win at the races, indeed many of the customizations we add to our car to make her more visually appealing would be the very reason that same car could not win in a race, simply because such additions typically add weight and reduce aerodynamics. That's a Ed Roth vs Don Garlits type of thing.

    Thus the likelihood of a car receiving all 5 possible points should be uncommon, yet our scores, win or loose, are typically divisible by 5, I have only rarely seen other such numbers. I would venture from the results I see, that most vote because they want this person to win or this person to loose regardless of the car. To say nothing of the compounding alliances, that alone is outside the rules.


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    Sep 27, 2011 at 4:21 pm
    To get back to the "Topic" of this thread, that some ppl have seemed to want to stray away from. So, to answer your question Hotwheels, everyone's comments here are correct. You challenge other cars and they challenge you. Then everyone who wants to participate, votes for what cars they like best based on Performance, Style and over all appeal of the vehicle. Not everyone is fair in every challenge ALL the time. So you will lose challenges against cars/trucks that are crap but that's just how it goes sometimes.

    There are a few ppl here that are REALLY quick to judge you and will purposely vote against you no matter what vehicle you are challenged with. That's where the "cheating" comes into play. Forget the fact that some of us like a particular type of car and vote for it no matter what. Voting is based on opinion, in most cases, so I don't see where that would be cheating. There is only 1 point that would be considered fact and that would be Performance. Just because 1 person doesn't like the style of your car, doesn't mean 100 other ppl do. So that is an opinionated point, as the Overall points are.

    So in my opinion, the ppl that always have something negative to say about other ppl, just because they are losing, never get my vote. The ppl that post vehicles for challenging but they have to put a "Disclaimer" because they don't have any pics of the real car, never get my vote. {why isn't that considered cheating?}

    Also, I would like to add something directed to a reply in my Challenges with NudeAutoMall. I have almost 80 pending Challenges that are waiting to be accepted by other members. So, you see, I'm not "ganging up" on Nude as it was previously pointed out. He said it himself. He is accepting ALL Challenges. So why not take him up on his offer? Especially when you are trying to win the prize. Can't win if you can't get into Challenges. Right? So, instead of being SO quick to judge other ppl for what you think they might be doing, maybe you should take a good look at yourselves and give yourselves the same criticisms you so easily put on everyone else.


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    Sep 27, 2011 at 5:50 pm
    NICE MARK I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN LIKE THAT and your 100%%% rigth