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    Mar 9, 2013 at 6:06 pm
    Not new but haven’t ever introduced myself. My Trans Am was originally a Canadian car. Sold in Weston, ON at Grant Brown Ltd. March 1 1971 I have owned her of the past 23 years. In 1986 I fly to Canada and drove her back. During this time I have repaired, replaced, or restored every part of her. Original price $5,470.90 now I have spent a lot of time tracking down and installing all the options that were available form this car. They include power windows, power locks. AM/FM stereo radio with 8 track player, rear console, rear shoulder harnesses, deal rear speakers, remote trunk lock, trunk light, and copies of all the original documentation (written in both English and French. Two years ago I gave her a complete body/paint restoration.
    My wife Judy and I spend every chance we get to take the Bird out for a cruise or show. The high point for the last two years was going to the All Firebird Lawn Show @ Saratoga NY. This year we’re taking a week and cruising to the 2013 Trans Am Nationals in Dayton Ohio.


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    Mar 21, 2014 at 6:26 am
    in 1973 a friend and I built his 72 ho 455 trans am , same color as yours , into a stock eliminator , was a lot of fun , ran 12.85 in 1/4 mile , also Jerry Turner from BTO ,(Bachman-Turner Overdrive joined our American Pontiac car club , He had a 73 SD Trans Am and he was a little cocky and wanted to race the fastest guy in the club ME , with my 63 Tempest , I raced him down the block in Surrey , BC , and beat him , so he wanted to race farther so we went to a 1/4 mile marked off for street racers and I beat him again , and he wanted to go farther so we went to the 401 freeway and I beat him in a mile , I offered to race him to Kamloops , about 300 miles away , He never came back , LOL
    Loved the old pontiacs , set a world record with my tempest in modified production in seatle , I live in Alberta now and I just love fast


    speed equals less mass , more tech and lots and lots of $$MONEY$$

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