Topic: Miss'en My MGA in Ohio

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    Nov 26, 2011 at 7:52 pm
    Lost my MGA in Ohio.

    Back in 1972 when I entered the military I sold my MGA to my brother. The first mistake, never sell to relatives.

    He didn't know which end of a screw driver or wrench to use so when the fuel pump died, he had it towed to the wrecking yard.... He actually paid $25 to have it hauled away.

    So, not that I was much better in my restoration, it was a 1959 MGA, 1600 cc, four speed. The color, yes, sorry to say it, was a Panther Pink undercoat with a Maroon Metalflake top coat. I know, I was 17 when I entered the military and I thought it looked good.

    So, I'm wonding if anyone in Ohio, or for that matters, anyone that remembers finding a '59 Panther Pink / Maroon Metalflake paint job. I would really like ot know what happened to it.

    Any news would be appreciated.


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