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    Jan 10, 2009 at 1:10 am
    Hi everyone, my name is Turek and I'm new here at Motortopia.

    To be honest with everyone, I'll start off fresh and clean.

    First, I don't know that much about cars.

    Second, I don't have a very nice car right now ('96 Gande Am GT 2d)

    Third, I'm a College Freshman at USC (the REAL USC [South Carolina])

    Fourth, I honestly have a new found interest and love for cars. I've worked as a Waiter in a restaurant, drum teacher, and equestrian caretaker for 2 years and have what's looking like close to maybe 8-9 grand to my name.

    Just recently in the past half a year, I've been researching and doing my homework on cars since I'm now looking to buy my second car and pass my current Pontiac on to my younger brother. Doing so has really sparked my interest in automobiles.

    What I'm really looking at is the Mitsu 3KGT VR4 '94-'99, and the '00-'04 Lincoln LS8/6 LSE.

    I plan to take automotive courses soon in college so I can really know my way around a car and be able to hopefully one day be good enough to possibly kit. Like I said, I don't come from a background of Motor know-how in my family so I can hardly tell you where a drive shaft would go if you put my under a car (obviously metaphorical, but you get the point)

    Anyways, If anyone has any info on the cars I've listed above (Personal experiences, auctions, buyer opportunities), I would most appreciate it if you could pass it along to me and anything else you might like to share with a newby like myself. I'm always looking for new friends smile image

    Thanks for reading and God Bless,



    God Bless,

    Psalms 51

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    Jan 10, 2009 at 1:20 pm



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    Jan 12, 2009 at 5:48 pm
    Welcome Dude if there is any thing you need Just Hit me up Rev Hard!


    Race The Strip not the Streets - REV HARD

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