RJL Auto Repair and Collision Services

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RJL Auto Repair and Collision Services

6912 N Nebraska Ave
Tampa, Florida 33604


  • Robert Suarez, VP
  • 813-951-0024

Est. 2008




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About Group

We are a complete auto care center and a Collision Center. We are also a NAPA Authorized Auto Care and Collision Center.

Our Automotive services covers a wide range of services such as brake jobs, A/C Repairs, Tune-ups, Engine Replacement or rebuilds, Struts and Shocks, Oil Changes, routine maintenance, and so much more.

Our Collision Service provides a high quality auto body repair and Collision services using quality products. We work with all insurance companies and most times we work to cover your deductible. We also provide custom and restoration work. We are one of the very few body shops that can warranty paint jobs nationwide.

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