Southern California Composites L.L.C.

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Southern California Composites L.L.C.

6303 Prospect Ave
Bell, California 90201


  • Luis Islas, Executive/ Main Fabricator

Est. 2008




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Building the ultimate car is not just my dream anymore, it is your's as well. That's why my company centers on the individual needs of my customers. We build custom composite parts for your vehicle that won't eat-up your wallet. We work with your budget and also disclose the materials used to build your part. You will find that at So. Cal. Composites, we make custom products that will beat the test of time. Our products take structural loads and won't discolor compared to other products. Plus, with our one-on-one basis, we make parts you need as an individual. The molds are typically a one time use and our bagging technique will guarantee a perfect copy without damaging or bonding to the mold (or customer provided part). I guarantee my products will meet your custom needs.


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