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Ask us questions about parts for your car and we will give it our best to answer your questions.
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Send us your Special Photo of you and your Special Car ...We will post it for you in our pictures Gallery Museum!!! This is open to anyone who is a Member of our group and other special request accepted. Send us your best or favorite shot...800X600 resolution will do. Not too big because it requires resizing and that can distort the quality of your picture!...
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We sell Royal Purple Lubricants at Spinningwheels-sc.com
Tell us why you love "Royal Purple engine oil" "Purple Ice" as well as all "Royal Purple" Products. Post it for everyone to see so they can see why it's your choice of Lubricant and additives. This is a Great Product Line!
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members only
Group Buys of parts, Special Needs of group, News about anything interesting to our group. (members only)
Welcome to Our Group. Ask any questions pertinent to our group only.We address group buys for discounted products and special needs for custom applications. If you have a private question send it privately to the individual in the group. Thanks to all of you for your interest in the Spinningwheels-SC.com Group!
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Hi,Everyone!If you have any parts you would like to request let us know and we will do our best to find it for you. We are well connected with many high-performance
manufacturers. For Engines, Suspension, Gears, Interior, Cams, Internals, and custom applications...just let us know what you are looking for. We also have used remanned parts that we stand behind. And! Don't forget Superchargers, Turbos, and custom internals off the shelf ready to ship. Aries Pistons, Eagle Rods, Cranks, Injectors, SP Performance Cross Drilled and Slotted Rotors and pads many different varieties. LSC front Spindles, Half shafts new and remanned. Just tell us what you need and we will do our utmost to find it and get it for you at a reasonable price. We also want to thank everyone who has joined our business group. Who knows... we just may throw something nice in with your order.
Thanks to everyone.
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This section is for special engine building requesst whether it's Ford, Chevy, Chrysler or Imports. We can build engines for practically any vehicle or need. We have our engine shop with the latest equipment to build any engine from a 1.9 L to a 7.0 L. We can build to suit your needs for your particular racing or street use. We can also discuss the trasmission or gears needed to get you to the desired, ultimate need your looking for! We are very well-connected with very well-known companies which have the right stuff for your engine modifications you require or want. There may be some of you that just want to re-build your stock engine.
eMail us at Spinningwheels-sc@earthlink.net
Please eMail us first to set up an appointment to discuss your special needs. We can also provide the right transmission needed to support the power level of your power plant. We can provide you transportation to and from anywhere in the lower 48 states. We also offer partial restoration for many different type cars from old 1930 Coupes to 60's 70's Muscle cars... just tell us your needs. Our Dyno facilities are located at our engine shop.We are located in Central Florida.
Thank you.
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Hello to all our group members,enthusiasts, friends and countrymen!! We feel that as a group we can do so much more than as an individual when it comes to services, buying parts, getting group discounts and more. The sky is the limit if we all do our part. We are going to just try one to see how it will work and show you the difference in the cost of purchasing as a group VS doing it all alone. After this bulletin,I will then speak to all of you about "CORVETTE COUNTRY CLUB" which will be an addition to Spinningwheels but will be all inclusive.
Here is what we need to do;
We need to increase the number of group members. All of you have many friends in your inner circles and we would like you to invite them to join Spinningwheels so they can bring these ideas about.
Our vehicles are our primary means of transportation, whether you go to a car show, to the drag races or to Disney World, or just going to pick up the kids at school. In the summer time cars overheat, they get flat tires, we can forget to turn our lights off, without our jumper cables, a multitude of things can take place. Whether we are driving alone or along with our family, it is best to be protected. We are members of AAA PLUS. AAA PLUS offers the following;
1. Nationwide Emergency Road service
2. Auto Travel Planning
3. AAA Travel
4. Attractions, Hotel, Resort Discounts
5. AAA Insurance Agency
6. Automotive Financial Services
7. Show your card and get your discount at many places.
8. Free Traveler's checks
9. Free Passport Photos
10.Trip Continuance
11.AAA - VISA credit cards
12.Legal Service Reimbursement
13.Personal Accident Insurance
14.Theft Reward (yeah...if you steal something you get a reward! :-)...just kidding)
15. Name Brand Luggage
16. Arrest and Bail Bonds
17. Prescription Discounts
18. Club Publication
19. Safety Programs
20. Legislative Programs

I am going to put in a couple for instances...
**They will come and change your flat tire. **They will jump start your dead battery. **They will come to your vehicle with a locksmith and will pay up to $50.00 lock out service. It provides an automotive key and lock service up to $100.00 for parts and labor when necessary to make the car operable or gain entry.
**They will make minor adjustments to start your vehicle or provide a tow to the service provider's station or repair facility of your choice. You will receive 100 free towing miles.
**They will deliver fuel to members enabling them to reach the nearest open service station. AAA PLUS service provides this at no extra cost.
**Extracation and winching allows two service vehicles and two drivers.

These services are for the AAA PLUS MEMBERS. There are services that can be added to these such as RV options, coverage for motorcylces and they all have a toll free number for emergency road services.
You can also request coverage for four-wheeled cars and light trucks.
I could keep writing about their benefits, but my point is we have used these services on numerous occasions and have saved us hundreds and hundreds of dollars.
The more that join the group, and the more that are interested, perhaps I can get us a group/club price and the cost would be significantly lower than individual memberships.
My other point here is called "Corvette Country Club". This is something that is even bigger than I can explain to you here. I will go into detail on that on our next group bulletin. The Corvette Country Club is basically a car registry that includes these services but in a different way. It also will be able to obtain discounted prices for automotive parts and accessories, etc.
The sooner you reply, the sooner we can get things moving and make it happen...Nation wide. East coast to West Coast...North to South.
All our best to all of you.
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