Taking Back Woodward Ave.

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Detroiters who still cruise know whats up. THE main cruise spot since the at least the 50s is now filled with bumbling hoity idiots who only come out at night for Martinis and Starbucks.
So when us "hoodlums" young and old are sitting by our cars at night talking about our passion, it appears proposterous!

Im also tired of the expectation to cruise on the officially appointed Woodward Cruise day. Its like telling someone they can only enjoy there hobby one day of the year. I love ignorant remarks yelled from Lexus SUVs telling me the cruise isnt for two months. What? I cant hang out and enjoy the scenery all summer? Were not bothering you.

Lastly, I almost dont even need expain local authorities harassment. If a group gathers for more than 10min it surely will be broken up. Excuses range from noise complaints(from us talking I guess), to 10 people will turn into 100 and cause trouble.

A drive-in to hang out at with permission would be my dream I guess. Yeah, a drive-in back on Woodward, what a concept!

I guess were expected to do something more socially acceptable. Maybe it would be more acceptable to leave our cars home and get wasted at the bar. Since we wont have anything else to do.


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