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    Feb 1, 2010 at 9:39 am
    Here is the WDW ticket info.

    Things to remember:
    1. You need to add your tickets to your room reservation at least a week before our arrival.
    2. Call the group reservation number 407-938-4868 to order tickets.
    3. Your tickets will be charged in full to your credit card when you order them.
    4. If you only want a one day ticket, you do not need to order in advance just buy your ticket at the park gate.
    5. If you live in Florida, the FL resident rate may be cheaper. You need to look into that.
    6. Be very careful buying tickets from ticket brokers or e-bay. Disney scans your fingerprint the 1st day you use your ticket and it becomes linked to the tickets. Some people try and sell tickets with days left on them; however, they will only work with the correct fingerprint. Be wary!
    7. You will probably not have time to get to the park on Thursday when we arrive. We will be on the track that afternoon. Those attending the optional Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue dinner Thursday evening will definitely not have time to get to a park that day. (You do not need park tickets to go to the dinner.) There will be more info forthcoming on Hoop-Dee-Doo soon.
    8. If you have any questions, ask me. I have been to WDW more than 30 times starting in 1972. I am a certified Disney nut. (My living room is painted Mickey Mouse foot yellow and is decorated with old Disney movie posters! crazy image )

    Non-discounted 1 day/1 park tickets-Purchase at the gate.
    Child (age 3-9)=$72.42

    Bandit Run Discount Walt Disney World Park Ticket prices:
    Adult (ages 10 and up)
    2 day pass (1 park each day)= $150.00
    2 day Park Hopper (multiple parks per day)=$199.38
    3 day pass (1 park each day)=$209.92
    3 day Park Hopper (multiple parks per day)=$259.77

    Children(ages 3-9)
    2 day pass (1 park each day)=$127.50
    2 day Park Hopper (multiple parks per day)=$177.33
    3 day pass (1 park each day)=179.25
    3 day Park Hopper (multiple parks per day)=$229.08

    Children 2 and younger are free.



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