Topic: 2007 Bandit Run - 2nd day!

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    Feb 16, 2010 at 7:09 pm
    Ponchofreek and I joined the 1st Bandit Run in Birmingham. I had worked all day getting the Little Red TA ready for the run and the final touches were adding a set of rear air shocks. I was a bit flustered over Blue not being further along in it's restoration and having to drive the Little Red TA. I can't say I was really down and out afterall we were


    but I was frustrated. Anyhow, we were sitting at a traffic light in two lanes of traffic. Dennis is leading me over to I-20 since we are on his side of the city when two Troopers pulled up beside us in separate patrol cars and start checking out the cars. Finally, the one beside me rolls down his right front window and says... "man I love the stance on that car... that is about the best looking tire, wheel combo I've ever seen on a Trans Am". smirk image

    Man you might as well have told me my daughter just won Miss America!
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    My head swelled, my hat wouldn't fit at all for most of the ride over to B'ham that afternoon and evening! We had a blast. That cop couldn't have known that what he said was exactly what I needed to hear after working most of the night and day getting the car ready.

    Fun Times, Good Memories! That is what makes the Bandit Run so great!
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