Topic: New video about the filming of Smokey and the Bandit

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    Oct 10, 2010 at 8:33 pm
    About 5,000 cars registered at Cruisin the Coast in Ocean Springs, MS and my Y82 was proudly displayed with The Bandit Run 2010 window decal. A lady came up to me and said her father personally delivered the Trans Ams on the movie set, 8 in all (though Pontiac said they only gave 3). All 77's, all s/e's and all automatics. She saw them and also touched them, no 4 speeds and no 76. Her dad also hauled them all off in disrepair and all 8 were destroyed. She even said none were registered nor meant to be sold. She did say something I had not heard before; when the Trans Am rolled out for the first time in the movie it was not in Snowman's rig as we would have thought. Her dad delivered it for the shot and it was in the back of his trailer. Hagwood Enterprises in Birmingham, Al. owned the delivery company her dad worked for and when the owner died the sons did away with it the equipment. (supposedly they owned the snowman trailers too)

    The number of 8 Trans Ams has been told before (I did not let on that I knew how many, I let her say the number first and when she said 8 I had felt she was more than just some nut trying to sound brilliant). Either this lady knows what she is talking about or she has spent alot of time researching Smokey and the Bandit and she believes she was there. She wants to come on the Bandit Run 2011. I have passed all of her contact info along to Tyler and hope he can come away with a little more documentation from someone that was involved with the movie. If not, I got had by a very nice beer drinking woman that loves Smokey and the Bandit has much as we do scratchchin image

    Her dad's CB handle was Grey Ghost and he died in 1991 if I remember correctly.


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