Topic: 1977 T/A SE (Bandit) needed @ Charlotte Motor Speedway

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    Jan 16, 2011 at 1:08 pm
    To anyone who has a 1977 Bandit Trans Am and lives near Charlotte Motor Speedway, located in Concord, NC, near Charlotte, NC.

    The Events Department contacted me about their upcoming event. They are looking for one 1977 Bandit Trans Am for a special, display car.

    Auto Fair is world's largest automotive extravaganza that will be held April 7-10. They would need to keep the car there all four days, it will not be moved or anything. I believe the car will be in one of the garages for display.

    This is great opportunity to show off your Bandit Trans Am. This is on the first weekend of the Bandit Run 2011, but if it fits into your plans, a great opportunity! If interested, please contact me for details.


    God Bless, Tyler

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