Topic: T/A Meeting Monday Aug 15th on Teamspeak LIVE

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    Aug 2, 2011 at 10:19 pm
    Hello T/A enthusiast's.

    You are Welcome to join and talk any and all things (mostly T/As) on Teamspeak LIVE.

    Come talk to old friends,and new ones.Some of you have been typin to these people for YEARS. Now its time to talk

    I was talkin to Pwrcat4000 on teamspeak tonight. We both thought......lets put a POST out for a meeting and see who will show up. So lets do this . Please check out the post (in this forum) Lets talk live. Follow the instructions. Pwrcat4000 did a nice job of thinning down my original "How To". Please Read what he posted under my original message,and that will walk you thru the process.

    I hope we can get a few more . I know of 2 more guys getting their headset/microphone combo and will be on teamspeak in a few days. We are already up to 5.

    So if your sittin behind your computer, lookn at motortopia, and even if your not, Hop on teamspeak and Cruise Motortopia Talkn to a Friend.or just play cards.

    Lets make it a Virtual Car Show...lolol.

    Hope to see you there............................. go to my post" LETS TALK LIVE" at the "LOCAL CHOKE and PUKE" for details.

    B_Rad (brad)


    aka B_Rad

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