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    Feb 27, 2012 at 11:51 am
    81TA will be on the run again this year!


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    Feb 27, 2012 at 1:47 pm
    "...and then "Barnyard Pimp" but since I moved off the farm a few years ago , that don't seem appropriate anymore!"


    Originally posted by Tinman5  Okay, that does it...there's a bar tab on me in Branson to get the background story on the "BP". biggrin image


    Hey Tinman... I don't think we ever had this discussion... there was a horse named Maude, a dog named Rex, and a cow named Star that all played a part in this story... I can't remember the rooster's name - that may be where "BP" came from.

    lmao image


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    Apr 29, 2012 at 8:11 pm
    It's "The Hammer Down" in our 2002 TA Convertible convertible image


    Larry and Susan

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    May 5, 2012 at 2:03 pm
    BarrsAm welcome to the jungle!
    Hot Grandma for my lady!


    The need for is growing and spring is time to bring out the BARR"S AM for the shake down run, hope all of you are ready as I am.