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    Jun 4, 2007 at 10:41 pm
    Anyone have a Custom Autosound system in their car?

    I'm considering a Custom Autosound install in my '66 Chevelle SS and would like to hear from anyone with a CA system and what your experience you like it or not?

    I am looking to leave the stock AM Radio in place with a CA system either under the seat or in the trunk. I have the CA Pioneer Kick Panel speakers but have not yet installed anything more. No front or rear speakers but I am looking at the CA speakers that install in the stock location using the same mountings & fasteners.

    What ya think? Let me hear from ya on this option.

    Also, if you have another suggestion, I'm open to it. Not looking to rock the neighborhood or vibrate the SS emblems off my car with the bass...just a nice system with ample volume and no distortion...

    Dan & The Green Machine



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