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Hi, my name is Curt Bizelli. I am owner, co-founder, and president of the God-Driven Car Club located in the Midwest: Crucial Spirit Impressions = CSI Missouri. My brother, Josh Calton, and I started the club under the name "Crucial Impressions" back in 2003 in the location of St. Charles County, Missouri (representin' the general St. Louis region) ... Since then, we have marked our territory in other surrounding states - still small - but growing - IN CHRIST!!!

The problem: We get a lot of requests from individuals with Cool Rides in which we would love to be part of our group, however they don't fall into our demographics. HENCE, "This Group" IS NOT IS NOT IS NOT the actual club of CSI Missouri = Crucial Spirit Impressions).

Instead, it IS just as it states! A "Virtual" group of Crucial Spirit Impressions: Positive people that make an impact on other's lives while enjoying auto' customizing - People that we YEARN to associate with!!! Yes, We want to know YOU!

However, keep this in mind:
"Our Passion is Auto Pimpin'. Our Foundation is GOD!"

No specific vehicle type! No specific location! ONLY 2 requirements is to Have a Passion for Automotives & Customizing, as well as the most important: PUT GOD FIRST in all of your affairs!!!

You ARE a Crucial Spirit IMPRESSION!

If you interested in Actually joining the midwest club, please refer to one of the following 2 links:

Looking Forward to associating with you!
Curt B. (Your Loyal CSI Prez)


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