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Wheel to Reel

6330 N Magnolia Ave, #2
Chicago, Illinois 60660


  • Jacob Worek, Principal
  • 872-222-7335

Est. 2010




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Wheel to Reel is an internet-based entertainment vehicle brokerage firm (“Cinema Vehicles”), specializing in connecting media producers of all disciplines with a nationwide network of privately-owned classic, custom, and exotic vehicles. By utilizing Wheel to Reel, producers can locate and contract the exact vehicle to fit their vision, without compromise, intensive searching, and often without the hefty transportation charges of a traditional cinema vehicle rental service.

Likewise, registered vehicle owners are given the opportunity to earn money off of their passion, with no legwork and unlike other similar services, there's no annual listing fee.

Owner registration is expected to begin in Fall 2010, with a full site launch in Spring 2011.


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